Get Fuel Price Assurance with fuelBASE from TAC Energy, and Take Control Of Your Fuel Costs


What happened to your business the last time fuel prices unexpectedly skyrocketed, or the typical seasonal peak overstayed its welcome?


If your industry, contract or business model does not allow you to pass these increases along, you have no option but to absorb the cost.

With fuelBASE, you control the degree of exposure to market volatility using a customized suite of price assurance tools and are rewarded with a fuel price assurance. Whether its gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, DEF, Jet A, ethanol, or any combination, with fuelBASE and TAC Energy, you have the most flexibility and reliable supply of any fuel company in the nation.

You can even integrate fuelBASE into a customized Inventory Intelligence program with automated trigger points based on inventory, market conditions, or consumption relative to either.

fuelBASE Is Beneficial For:

  • CFOs who need accurate projections for budgeting purposes
  • Accounting departments whose companies utilize hedging, but want to avoid the cumbersome accounting requirements typically associated it
  • Estimators who need an accurate basis on fuel costs when submitting bids
  • Any operator whose bottom line will be affected by fluctuating fuel costs

If fluctuating fuel prices have an impact on your bottom line, you need fuelBASE.


For a FREE analysis of your fuel supply chain and to ENERGIZE your options on reducing or completely eliminating the impact of fuel price volatility on your business, fleet, factory, mine or farm, click one of the buttons below.


Fuel Price Assurance with fuelBASE
Fuel Price Assurance with fuelBASE
Fuel Price Assurance with fuelBASE